Saturday, November 12, 2011

the music scene

Beginning in dull and lingering dark
Shades of blue leave figures stark
Entertainment seeps into machines
And from that power the screen gleams

Spawning forms from within itself
Human matter emerging wealth
Interference runs as nature sees
Animals come then hide in trees

Explosions of colour as they are exposed
Victory over beasts is now supposed
As they’re stripped they form one stream
Moving in one hallucinogenic dream

Overcome with force to their roots
Racing to place as vibrancy shoots
Meshed in tight to rebuild strength
Consistency of the right length

Harvested to recreate human cases
Creatures lay dormant with ribbon bases
Reconstructed as man by media’s power
The ribbon it wound is there to devour

Building the scene for them to remain
Displaying what they must obtain
Feeding of knowledge through the apple
Hoarding the minds machines aim to grapple

Equipment unites as one to avoid weather
Destroying all humans to make one better
Bursts pop and coil from their minds
Vivid colours thread new lines

Combined in whole they sit still
Content until the beasts come shrill
Fed to strong the bond must break
And animals find whats theirs to take

Competition struggles between the two
Then a machine is produced of the new
But when demands climb too high
Unsustainable, the fetus will die

And death brings aid for other life
The beasts will rest without strife