Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get it

This bad causes good,
This negativity brings light,
This trouble leads to happiness,
This means it's time to fight.

Go for the desired,
It can be acquired,
Just get inspired,
And act while it's fired.

Fight with the bad,
It might cause some good,
Even if it goes unseen,
You'll eventually find what you should.

The bad will always come,
But it's not forever evil.
Because out it can be twisted,
Though the hidden good isn't clearly listed.

Fight with the negativity,
It'll bring you to the light,
First go get lost in the dark,
Then discover the lighting that's right.

Bring your anger, bring your spite,
Her and now, with all your might.
These raves will lead you,
And make up actions to do.

Fight causing trouble,
It will lead to your goal,
You'll suffer greatly for this,
But the sacrifice will help your soul.

Give up a bit, give up much,
Find your sacrificial touch.
If your desires get you motivated,
By them you should be cultivated.

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your.favourite.villain said...

dis is really really really really awesome.

really. :)