Monday, June 15, 2009

Twenty-Three Years

Together over twenty-three years,
Together for all the cheers,
Together shared tears.

Happy times come often,
When you marry wise.
I guess they got lucky,
To share views in each others eyes.

Futures are planned early,
But take spontaneous shifts.
I guess they got lucky,
To share in both these gifts.

Pressures come up quickly,
Causing situations that go amiss.
I guess they got lucky,
That they can get past this.

Growing together is both their goals,
Standing as trees, side by side,
Reaching through rooftops to extend souls.
Showing what they were once forced to hide,
By tree-tops up high in front of the sky,
Blocking the sun that's aspired to.
But you've seemed to make it by,
Despite tree-tops smothering you two.
I guess you two got lucky.

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