Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There's a reason what's ideal isn't real.

What's ideal is simply an opinion,
It changes with each mind.
If everyone got their ideal,
It's chaos we would find.
No happy solutions,
No end to all wrong,
Not everyone does what's right,
Everyone hums a different song.
For those who claim to know it all,
They really believe they're right,
Don't blame them for their final solutions,
Because what they don't understand ,
Is what's right by others,
Can be as different as oppositions of a fight.
Everyone thinks their way will work,
They'll fix everything in the world,
This crazy and corrupt place?
Opinions are swirled.
We can try for ideals,
It will result in many defeats,
Now let's realize what I'm preeching,
Before history repeats.
Just go with the flow,
Don't push to far,
You can fight for what you believe,
But don't make it bizarre.
Because you can't change the world,
Everything is fine,
We have problems all over,
But this is the cycle that continues to wind.
Ideal is impossible,
To achieve as real,
Just float with the breeze.
Is it twisted that this is my ideal?

1 comment:

your.favourite.villain said...

you are very twisted, but just as twisted as me.
and i like it that way.