Monday, April 6, 2009

Human Interaction

You need some human interaction,
Stop straying all alone,
You need to talk to someone,
Pick up a phone.

You're always the same,
Always by yourself,
No one to place the blame,
Find others to share your shame.

There's no one you see,
Just your reflection,
So that's whose blamed,
If you don't get perfection.

No one's ever around,
Just your shadow,
Following down on the ground,
Stalking without a sound.

You need to relax,
You take on too much,
Find a friend,
Or someone to use as a crutch.

Look in the mirror,
You aren't being healthy,
Look back at the mirror,
Do you see me clearer?

I am your reflection,
Staring back at you,
This is what I see,
I believe this is your issue.

Not to be a social attraction,
Or to give you perspective,
But to keep your own traction,
You need some human interaction.

1 comment:

your.favourite.villain said...

i really like this one too! its fantastic.
where do you write this from?