Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Everywhere you go,
There is violence.
It just goes to show,
Our level of compliance.

It'll never stop,
No matter how hard we try.
We need to first be on top,
Then our efforts wouldn't turn shy.

We're all so small,
Maybe someone important and big,
Who should we call,
To fix this rig?

Which god can do it?
Whose is the best?
We must find this fit,
It will become our quest.

First we must agree,
Who rules over us.
But no one will see,
Anyone else's thesis.

We're doomed to keep debating,
As the times get worse.
All that will work is waiting,
Surviving through this curse.

It's just the cycle of behavior,
It's will turn with the earth.
When we decide on a savior,
We'll discover how little we're worth.

Violence will pass the times,
It just goes to show,
Cycles have mimes,
Everywhere you go.

1 comment:

your.favourite.villain said...

we'll discover how little we're worth..
awesome line.