Monday, March 30, 2009

Forced Masochism

I'm interested in the masochist type,
They wouldn't be the blissed type.

I'm bored of what surrounds me here,
And what's here is the pacifist type.

I'm sick of being watched and judged,
And annoyed by the analyst type.

I'm wondering who wouldn't care,
Somewhat of a dismissed type.

I'm questioning just what it'd take,
To be with the apathist type

I'm wanting to understand emotions,
Especially the pissed type.

I'm ready to witness pain,
And not only the fist type.

I'm needing to see less plans,
Should just leave the list type.

I'm guessing how and why,
Certain people aren't the kissed type.

I need to meet someone new,
So Carolyn can be the missed type.

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