Monday, March 30, 2009


this was written in response to Carlie's beastly poem

I've heard you got this sickness,

Attacking you like a plague,

Your heart is gone, turned to black,

Like the shadows in the moonlit night,

As time graduates from the day.

I've heard you got this sickness,

Churning through you like a snake,

Dirtying your blood with it's venom,

There's no way it can be contained.

I wish I was there, I've got the cure,

To whichever needs fixing.

I'll stop the pain, the throbbing, and the nausea,

I'll be your relief from the constant burning of skin.

There's no need to worry, I'm coming in a hurry,

To whisk you away to my unearthly place.

And when I snatch you away, you will be missed,

But you just can't stay, no hospital can treat this.

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